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Seller's fees for most items is a set fee of $95 plus applicable tax. Special Request auctions may be subject to additional fees.

Buyers Fees are 7%. Applicable HST, PST and GST for our services and the item sale price will be added to invoice. Special Request auctions may be subject to additional fees.  

Non Completion of Sale

Any buyer that does not complete payment at close of sale will be subject to a fee of 10% of the closing bid with a minimum fee of $500.00 CDN.

Bid Correction

Any bidder that enters a bid incorrectly and requests to have said bid retracted, more than 12 hrs prior to the close of the auction, must submit a request for retraction online within 1 hour of the bid being placed. All bid retractions will be subject to a $100.00 fee. No bid retractions will be accepted within 12 hours of auction close.



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